The online activities of children should be monitored by the parents

Email Now that American kids have greater access than ever to the Internet -- not just at home, but on mobile devices wherever they go -- parents are facing a new set of dilemmas: Or should teens be allowed a realm of privacy away from the prying eyes of parents? According to the Pew Internet Projectmore than three-quarters of American children ages 12 to 17 had cellphones as of ; almost half of those devices were smartphones with Internet, social media and email access. The age at which children get their first mobile device is getting younger, too; one survey found nearly 40 percent of fifth graders have their own cellphones.

The online activities of children should be monitored by the parents

Excessive TV watching, along with prolonged computer use and video game playing, are easy habits for kids to fall into these days.

And, many fear such activities can lead to behavioral problems and obesity. He recommends interactive shows that inspire thinking, but warns that even these types of programs should be limited to two hours per day. Behavior Problems and Health Risks Psychologists have linked childhood exposure to violence through the media to aggressive behaviors in adults.

Top 10 reasons why you should monitor your children's internet use

Sonenblum agrees that violence, suggestive themes, and strong language in TV programs and video games can have a lasting effect on children. There have been positive aspects of television for children in recent years Reading skills have decreased.

He suggests activities such as arts and crafts, including drawing and painting. She also says that although too much TV is bad for children, TV watching does have its benefits.

The parent can use a parental code to program when tablet, TV, etc. I use this and all my kids have to come to me first to ask if they can watch TV or play a game — then if I say it is okay I will type in the private password.

This device lets parents identify and stop programs with violence, sexual content, or other material not suitable for children.“Whether it be in the living room or bedroom, children should follow their parents’ rules.” She suggests that parents use charts to determine how much TV time their children should have.

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“For instance, for each chore the child can gain 15 minutes of television time,” Chinappi says. ‘Parents should have some level of monitoring their children online usage but not necessarily in a covert way because that may create trust problems,’ Wisniewski added.

Instead of raising kids who try to sneak around them online, parents should try building a strong foundation from the beginning.

Parents, Teens and Digital Monitoring | Pew Research Center The internet is an amazing resource of information and entertainment. It is also a forum in which people can communicate with one another from all over the world.
Monitoring TV Time Digital connectivity offers many potential benefits from connecting with peers to accessing educational content.
Table of Contents The Internet makes information accessible in ways previous generations never imagined. The Internet is also a place where anyone can say anything, where knowing the difference between fact and fiction is harder than most teens or adults realize.
Featured in SciTech Print Email Only a few years ago, parents were saying that children should not use computers until they came of age, but today schools require children to do homework online, bringing issues into the home we have to deal with. Unfortunately, nothing on our computer networks is safe from spying eyes.

Then if there is a problem, those children will go to their parents on their own. Instead of using technology to snoop on kids' digital activities, she urges parents to discuss boundaries and appropriate online behavior with their children and to "parent around the device" by.

There are numerous ways parents can monitor their child’s online activities.

The online activities of children should be monitored by the parents

Educators who specialize in this area say the best way is for parents to have a good relationship with their kids. Speaking of the internet, additional online safety tools for parents can be purchased online as well. Now that you know the importance of staying in the know about the internet and a computer in general, you may be curious as to how you can go about doing so.

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