The arab spring and gil scott

Nominally I associate myself as much as possible with the views of those who seem to know what they're talking about, but often enough I find myself obliged, like so many others, to go on about things I'm not in the least qualified to address simply because it is my way when the opportunity presents itself. I find this shortcoming as personally irritating as it is to those I've favored it with over the years, an as yet irrepressible feature of my discourse. Thus the admittedly defensive assumption of the nom de blog, "peter ramus. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France, an event which saw his own undoing in the chaotic days that followed.

The arab spring and gil scott

It may not be all of them, but it is enough of them, and there's reason to have confidence in the ability of these well intentioned protesters and supporters to Tweet, text Facebook messages, and otherwise upload a representation of a revolution that is true to the people living it.

Be less sanguine, however, about the prospects for what comes thereafter. What mattered was that news of his action spread rapidly from rural Tunisia into the cities, infuriating a bulging youth population that was already on the verge of fury.

The arab spring and gil scott

Soon, thousands of young people were protesting in the name of what happened in Sidi Bouzid and calling for the world to take notice.

When a few news outlets did, they covered the protests not by sending in their own crews but by mining the Twitter hashtag Sidibouzid and videos uploaded to Facebook and YouTube from the ground.

This continued until a lot more people were following Sidibouzid than might have been otherwise, and a lot more people were attending and uploading information from the streets of Tunisia than may have been otherwise.

Second, new communications tools allow people to find each other and engage in conversations about current events in environments where repression makes this much more difficult. Bywhen unrest ignited, a mutually reinforcing channel of communication had begun to form between the online minority and everyone else.

True, most were not on Facebook or Twitter, but information spread from those networks into society at large. Growing up entitled to the immediacy provided by online tools makes you more likely to fight for it if revoked.

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Stories like those of Mohamed Bouzizi or Khaled Said and people fuel revolution because their behavior makes change, and a fundamentally altered information environment shapes human behavior.

The networked media environment itself can have positive consequences for activism. In Egypt, the internet was not widely censored. But can keyboard activists govern a country, and can they do so without the support of the international audiences that were so glued to the events of their revolution?

This is the question that onlookers should now be grappling with. The aforementioned benefits of social media for mobilising and organising are on balance more detrimental for governance. And yet this lack of a traditional, hierarchical structure is one of the most important marks of the January 25th uprising and 21st century movements in general.

Susannah Vila is the director of content and outreach at Movements.And Matt Groening's gang also apparently foresaw the political downfall of Syria, brought about by the Arab Spring. A Simpsons episode - New Kids on the Blecch, shows clips of a war in an.

Dec 17,  · A year ago, a Tunisian fruit-seller set himself on fire after being humiliated by a police officer. The event set off uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East known as the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring was also not a revolution. It was a great event and the event itself occurred among the people participating, on the ground, and didn't involve social . For some years now I've travelled bumptiously about the internet commenting on other people's blogs under the pseudonym "peter ramus," pointedly and I regret to say at times heatedly disclosing the general shape my own intricately devised misapprehension of current events in contradistinction to the remarkable torrent of misapprehensions made known daily on that medium by everyone else.

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