Some desirable improvements in your home town essay

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Some desirable improvements in your home town essay

It is the goal of the Six Rights project to raise awareness of the adverse outcomes associated with medication errors and to provide clinicians responsible for medication administration with some step-by-step guidelines they can use to achieve zero-level medication error rates.

The projective objectives are to achieve measurable improvements in benchmarked medication error rates during the duration of the project as set forth below: Clinicians will remember the six rights to reducing medication errors; Clinicians will understand the six rights to reducing medication errors; and, Clinicians will apply the six rights to reducing medication errors in their day-to-day activities in statistically demonstrable ways.

Evidence-Based Review of the Literature Despite ongoing efforts to reduce and eliminate medication errors in the clinical setting, a number of errors continue to be made in their administration Evans, In fact, according to one clinician, "As registered nurses have the responsibility of the final contact with the medication prior to administration, they are often held accountable for subsequent adverse events.

Administering a medication is the nursing task that carries the highest risk, and the consequences of an error can be devastating for the patient and the nurse" Evans,p.

According to Revere and Blackthere are a number of data collection and analytical techniques available that are especially well suited for situations where a nonexistent error rate is the goal.

In this regard, Revere and Black emphasize that "[These methods] are ripe for healthcare because many healthcare processes require a near-zero tolerance for mistakes" p.


In this regard, Mahmood, Chaudbury, and Habib emphasize that, "Medication errors contribute significantly to patient morbidity and mortality and are associated with a considerable cost to the healthcare system" p. Despite the universal need for zero-tolerance in medication errors, many healthcare practitioners may not know how to go about achieving such a desirable outcome without some step-by-step guidance to help them focus on a mutual goal.

In this regard, Wine and Khanfar suggest that, "In a hectic work environment without effective guidance to reach any goals to decrease these errors [will] lead down a path of destruction and failure. Real-life medication errors stress the importance of proper management, organization, and personnel unity and cooperation that are necessary to prevent both employee dissatisfaction and patient emergencies" p.

Clearly, any cost-effective initiative that can take advantage of existing resources in innovative ways to reduce medication errors represents a timely and valuable enterprise, but these types of projects can be difficult to come by without some creative thinking.

Because medication errors are already collected in clinical settings in the U.

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Table 1 Six Rights to Medication Administration "Right" Description The right medication This involves comparing the medication to the medication order, a step described by one clinician as being "imperative"; in addition, "The administrator must only give medication they have prepared and be present when it is taken.Essay on 'some desirable improvements in your home town' English Speech.

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Some desirable improvements in your home town essay

A good citizen must keep the welfare of his town or city or village foremost in his mind at the time of elections. He should understand the existing educational and other institutions of his country and make efforts to bring about desirable improvements.

The quaint size of my sea-side home gives its residents special qualities. People of Cutler have small-town values.

Some desirable improvements in your home town essay

They pull together in times of joy and need.

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