Pirate of silverland

Plot[ edit ] Taking place in a medieval European-like fairy tale setting, Princess Knight is the story of Sapphire who must pretend to be a male prince so she can inherit the throne of Silverland as women are not eligible to do so.

Pirate of silverland

Underway Events Ted presenting his Glazed Chicken, best part of passages is we have plenty of time to cook good meals! In the 11 days at sea on our way to Gambier, our senses started to feel dull: Celebratory beers began dancing on our tongues. The buzzing sound of our fishing rods filled our ears and soon our freezer with fish.

Dogtooth Tuna we hauled in as we arrived These islands are well off the beaten path for most sailors and we spotted only 12 boats in the harbour. Before we could get our anchor fully set we were welcomed by our neighbors on a big wooden boat, Silverland, which had square sails and the look of a pirate ship.

They invited us to a party the next day Easter Sunday at noon, a typical cruisers potluck and a good opportunity for us to meet everyone else in the anchorage.

Trying to impress these new potential friends, we prepared sushi and sashimi with our new fish, carmel brownies, and a big pitcher of fresh nor-cal margaritas.

Baguettes are pumped out twice a day.

Pirate of silverland

Hanging out on Silverland, with our new friends Back home, at our jobs staring at our computers, we often dreamed of island life and the carefree feelings associated with a tropical vacation.

However the day to day life lived on many islands is not always so easy. The locals are typically in desperate need of cargo ships to come regularly with food and supplies just to keep them alive and going.

Ships often get delayed, break down, or even sink, as two did recently that supply Galapagos. Some of the things easily found are, strawberries, avocado, coffee, zuchini, guava, bananas, papaya, limes, passion fruit, hot peppers, pomegranate and various leafy greens. But by far the most abundant and our favorite two items were Coconuts and Pamplemousse we have about 50 of each on board.

We took turns climbing trees for coconuts with our Machete… like real men! The coconut is self explanatory and the water has been an excellent hangover cure, but we were unfamiliar with Pamplemousse when we arrived. Ted and I each took a nice 2 hour run half way around the island finishing with a short trail which returns you back to town from the other side.

Like running a marathon with water stands every few miles, we had Pamplemousse trees to keep us from dehydration every few steps. Don cutting into our stash of Coconuts A Hi-light of our stay in Gambier was anchoring off a small remote palm and sand island, Tauna, with good friends.

On our first occasion, we Kiteboarded, snorkeled off the beach and collected coconuts with Silverland and another French boat during the day. As the sun set, we cracked beers, played can jams and started a bon fire on the beach.

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Tauna bon fire in the making We laughed well into the night around the fire with drinks and excellent fire cooked sausage, steaks and hamburgers. We enjoyed the day so much that we went back and recreated it a few days later with our good Norwegian friends onboard Stella Polaris as a celebration of my birthday.

My gifts this year were a but unusual compared to other years but certainly awesome: Ted cleaned my shower, Stella Polaris gave me a coconut with my name carved on the front and rum inside, Yahav made me Brownies with a Carmel anchor on top, and I got more coconuts and pamplemousse than I could have ever imagined possible but they are so good I still want more!

The other guys on board are even tired of our all male boat and said they are excited for her return! So we are off to the Tuamotus to pick her up on a tiny island called Hoa, just 3 or 4 days sail away for us and 3 or 4 plane rides for her.

Ted took to bird catching on Tauna after a few beers Some locals gather around their gym every day at 5 for volleyball, soccer, local music and dancing… great community activity Pearls are a main industry here… this is one of the local farms Share this:Sep 23,  · Silverland Hotels & Spas in Ho Chi Minh City; InterContinental Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City; ibis Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City; Popular Amenities Pirate birthday bash.

We came here for Will's 30th birthday. A pirate themed party, the boat provided a fun atmosphere with lots of ashio-midori.comon: Cau Mong, District 1, Vietnam, Vietnam Vietnam. Download DMC Dance Mixes Vol. [Kbps] torrent or any other torrent from the Audio Music.

Direct download via magnet link. Princess Knight is an anime fantasy series about a princess named Sapphire. Silverland, Sapphire's kingdom, can only be ruled by a prince, so she has to disguise herself as a boy in order to keep a wicked duke from taking the throne.

A Romance of the Coast and High Seas in Privateering and Pirate Times.

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