Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

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Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. V and Mobile Devices as formats for interactive media products. Each benefit and limitation will be explained with some examples for each format of interactive media products, finally I will give a summary and conclusion for all the formats at the end of the report.

One of the benefits of the web is that it is mobile and a product can be accessed from any Computer with an internet connection, interactive media products on the web can also be accessed on the web from smart phones and tablets meaning not only computers can access an interactive media product but other devices as well.

The web as a format is very mobile as interactive products on there can be moved from one computer to another without physically moving the product but instead the product is stored on a webpage and can be accessed at different points e.

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One other benefit of the web is that there is a lot of interactivity between the people using the interactive media products on the web and the device they are using whether that is a computer, tablet PC or smart phone. The scroll wheel is also important as it allows you to move the interactive media product up; down and from side to side to view all the content features on the webpage.

A smart phone with a touch screen can be used in many ways including pinching the screen to zoom in on an interactive media product, sliding your fingers across the screen also allow the webpage to move across and view certain areas of the interactive media product.

Touch screen computers interact in the same way as touch screen smart phones but on a bigger scale and with more features such as flash on an interactive media product. On some interactive media products often you can use microphones and webcams for a chat feature so that you can communicate using your voice and showing yourself on the screen of the computer.

Web pages and interactive media products can have certain elements which can be printed, for example an interactive media product such as a quiz on a webpage can be printed to show the users final scores. This makes the web a very good format for interacting with media products which are published on a webpage.

Interactive media products which are on the web and on a specific web page are accessible for almost anyone including users who are visually impaired, hearing impaired or are physically disable.

For users who are visually impaired many changes and adjustments can be made so that the interactive product becomes accessible to them, some of these changes include the ability to zoom in and out on a webpage to make elements such as text and images easier to examine and understand and the ability to have sound for those who are blind or can not rely on their eyes to look at the interactive media product.

The hearing impaired users can access the media product by interacting with it and turning the sound up so they can hear what is going on, for all hearing impaired users and deaf users they can have subtitles and text so that they can understand information with their eyes when they can not rely on their hearing.

The web also has features such as being able to translate text from one language to another which is helpful for users who are from different backgrounds and speak, read and understand different languages, this makes an interactive media product which is on the web a whole lot more accessible for foreign users.

The web only targets certain audience which is a benefit; these audiences include the majority of teenagers, mostly adults and some children.

Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

This means the web is not aimed at the elderly and not aimed at small children. By using the web as a format of an interactive media product you can target certain audiences to make sure that they are getting the most beneficial and satisfactory experience from what you are offering, therefore you can show it to more people because the audience it is targeted at will be showing the product to more and more people of the same audience.

Keeping the audience narrow also makes it so that the interactive media product presents a strong message and a compelling experience. One limitation of the web is that it is not portable; although it is mobile it can not be physically carried around with you and must be accessed through the use of a computer, smart phone or other devices connected to the internet.

The reason why it is not portable is because it can not be used in an offline mode when no internet connection is present; if a device is not connected to the internet then it can not access the features of the web and more importantly access interactive media products on different websites.

The download time for interactive products which are on the web depend on the size and most importantly the speed of the internet connection whereas the download time from a CD to or mobile device may be considerably shorter as in most cases an internet connection is not required.

Because the download time on the web depends on an internet connection it means that this is a limitation and must mean that the user has to have an internet connection in order to start saving and downloading files which therefore the product can only be downloaded to a certain type of user.

When an interactive product is delivered through the web plug ins start to become necessary and important in viewing and interacting with the product so therefore this becomes a disadvantage because time and space is needed for these downloads which also require the use of an internet connection.

Plug ins can include the use of flash player and java which are almost a part of every interactive media product on the web so therefore more and more people need to download it just to view the product on the website. The final limitation of the web I will talk about this how the web can not be used in offline mode which means the interactive media products can not be used offline unless a download is made which in some cases can be illegal and a hassle for the user.

If a user wanted to use the interactive media product which is in the format of the web then they need an internet connection which they have to purchase from an internet service provider which means in total to view the media product and interact with it they need to pay.

An example to show how mobile and portable this format is when one person is using the DVD in his own computer and then later on they go to work and view it in the DVD player and television.cambridge technicals ocr level 3 cambridge technical certificate/diploma in it it technical support j// level 3 unit 8 guided learning hours: 60 unit credit value: 10 it technical support j// Essay on OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 - D1 Words | 15 Pages.


D1 – Explain the benefits and drawbacks of the different formats that can be used to deliver interactive media authored products.

OCR Cambridge Technicals IT qualification information including specification, exam materials, teaching resources, learning resources. Skip to main content. OCR homepage. Level 3 - Unit 39 - Understanding the business analytics process for Big Data (PDF, 2MB) Level 3 - Unit In this report I will evaluate the different formats by giving the benefits and limitations of using the Web, Multimedia (CD’s, DVD’s and so on.).

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 - D1 words | 15 pages and features such as zooming in on the media product can be made a lot easier with touch screen technology. Assessment! The!course!is!%!assessed!by!coursework.!

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Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit


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