Moral standing on abortion

Higher Education Comment Card R. Moral Standing, The Value of Lives, and Speciesism According to Frey, what is the relationship between the value of human life and the value of animal life? Human life is always more valuable than animal life.

Moral standing on abortion

Moral standing on abortion

It states no universal standard exists by which to assess an ethical proposition's truth. It is closely tied with Cultural Relativism which states an individuals "truths" or "beliefs" should be understood in terms of his or her own culture.

Like Untamed stated, Spartans would throw disabled infants over the cliff because they believe in a perfect warrior society. To us it wouldn't be but to them it was. Not all laws are based in morality either.

Abortion: contenders' views

We are a nation without a sponsored religion thus for most things we have to employ moral relativism. This is the standard most people use today. So if we're arguing by that theory then there is no way to specifically state whether or not this is a moral process. You could argue no it's no moral because it is in fact taking the life of another human being.

I could argue that it is in fact more moral than letting a child grow up in poverty with a neglegent crackhead for a mother.

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Or I could argue it's more moral than putting a child up for adoption and letting it be raised by a system that doesn't care. I could also say it's moral because it's a form of population control which helps insure we will not become a world where people literally live on top of people.

It will prevent a global break out of what places like Tokyo are going through. I could pose the question "Is it moral to force an ill-equipped, financially unstable mother to have an unwanted child?

However, if we are arguing under moral absolutism which usually falls under branches of religion then we could argue yes abortion and things like slavery, death penalty and war are inherently and universally immoral.

So really it depends on which theory you wish to argue from. I personally choose to argue from moral relativism but only under certain circumstances.

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To each his own I guess.Personhood, the Moral Standing of the Unborn, and Abortion Patrick Lee The author, who received his Ph. D. from Marquette University in Milwaukee, has served as assis­. A being has moral standing when its interests must be given consideration in the deliberations of a moral agent.

Three single-criterion theories of moral standing are surveyed and found to be inadequate for distinguishing between things that have. One possibility is that the fetus has no moral standing at all, and so its moral standing is equivalent to the moral standing of a fly (say).

In this case, there can hardly be any moral grounds for objecting to abortion and to the death of the fetus that ensues on account of it. First, if abortion is permissible at any time before birth because the pre-birth human lacks moral standing, then such a view on abortion would surely support killing embryos for the sake of .

Green details how all these advances work as “anchors” to longstanding moral and ethical arguments against abortion. She notes the twist. For the longest time pro-abortionists acted as if they. Answering the Fundamental Question in the Abortion Debate depends crucially upon the status of the fetus: if the fetus has “full moral standing,” then some anti-abortionist position is correct; if the fetus has “no moral standing,” then a pro-abortionist position is correct.

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