Ion notepad

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Ion notepad

Introduction Did you know that the simple Notepad program on your computer is actually a very powerful programming tool? Not only is it useful, but it can also be used to create amazing text-based games! What is a text-based game you ask? You will learn how to set up situations in which the characters will have to make choices about how they want to approach the problem.

A Few Quick Reminders I want to go over a few quick things before we get in to the actual code.

Control flow

The first thing is that all of your commands should be kept on separate lines. So after you type something in, and are done with what is going to be on that line, hit the "enter" button on your keyboard to move to the next line.

The second thing I want to mention is that batch files read from top to bottom. This means that when you run a batch file, all of your code at the top will be interpreted and will run before your code at the bottom. If for example you place a "echo" command and in the next line place a "cls" command, all of your text will be erased without your player getting to read it this will make more sense later on.

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Click on your start menu icon and go to "All Programs. You should find Notepad in the Accessories folder. Commands are each of the words that we type in to the program that have a function; such as the echo, or pause commands.

It should always be added first; once it is added to a file, it does not have to be typed in again. For example you can type: This can be useful in keeping your text uncluttered.

When you use this code it shows up as "Press any key to continue. This is what your game should look like. Notice the long spaces between the text?

Ion notepad

This was done with the "echo. Also, note the pause command at work toward the bottom.

Microsoft Windows NotePad file extensions

This is what your game should NOT look this. It stands for "clear screen", and what it does is remove all of the text that has been made in the command prompt window ergo, making the screen blank.

This is a good tool when you want to keep your game looking clean and in order.The updated Notepad it is only available in the most recent Insider Preview Build, as a part of the Windows Insider Program. Others will have to wait until it reaches the general Windows 10 build.

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You can Views: M. Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Open the notepad application and paste the code above this code. Step 3: Save your file as follows: File Name: DDoS Save As Type: All Files.

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