Graduate-level writing analysis and development plan

Incorrect syntax often results in sentences and paragraphs that do not make sense, and this can pose serious perceptual issues for professional communicators. See this article for a number of examples. Follow the rules of punctuation Common errors include incorrect placement of quotation marks and erroneous use of the semicolon. Citations are required in your academic papers, but clients also appreciate this attention to detail.

Graduate-level writing analysis and development plan

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There are very distinct characteristics in graduate writing. Critical thinking skills are a very important part of graduate writing. Critical thinking allows the writer to see all the different sides of the argument.

The writer will question any assumptions that are made all while avoiding the use of commonplaces. This type of writing always establishes a purpose while addressing a specific audience.

Another important part in writing at a graduate level is using an in depth analysis, of the subject being discussed. This writing is based solely on empirical evidence therefore; statements should be objective rather than subjective. The use of and distinguishing between primary and secondary sources gives the writer the ability to base their writing on the information obtained from such sources.

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If the writer sticks to the facts, rather than opinion, the use of subjective writing will be avoided. Research is an important characteristic in graduate level writing. Without research, there is no topic.

When using information obtained from research it is important to cite any and all references. Use quotation marks where word for word statements are placed and use in-text citations where paraphrasing has occurred.

Plagiarism is an inexcusable offense when writing papers. It is considered stealing and simply not citing references could lead to the rejection of the paper, not including the various penalties the student will have to face from the University.


Research helps the writer to support any ideas in the paper and full access to any and all references should be given to the reader through citations and a reference page that is to be included at the end of the paper. A graduate level paper will address a specific audience with a clear and comprehendible purpose.

It is important that the writer has a true and clear understanding of what is being asked from them for the assignment before taking on the writing task.

One of the most important factors of any paper is the tone. At a graduate level, the tone is set in formal writing. The use of informal or conversational wording should be avoided.

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Organization is another important factor to consider when writing a paper at a graduate level. The information should be organized in a logical manner so that the writer can build their case around the original thesis. When a paper is properly organized, it will flow from section to section making the transitions easy to follow.

The whole paper should be connected as a whole and any details, examples, or specifics will logically develop the main idea of the paper.

A graduate level writer will also possess the ability to interpret material. This entails the ability in deciphering between an analysis and a synthesis, and then chooses one or the other. The synthesis is a combination of an idea that leads to a theory and an analysis is the separation and breakdown of these elements.

Writing Strengths and Weaknesses When writing a paper, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. My personal strengths that I feel I possess are editing, free-writing, and organization. My grammar skills are not weak, but there is room for improvement.

graduate-level writing analysis and development plan

One of my biggest weaknesses in writing graduate papers is APA formatting. All of my strengths and weakness can be worked on and improved because while I feel I possess the ability to write naturally, writing within guidelines is something that is learned.

Managing Time, Stress, and Finding Balance The process of learning in order to improve can be a stressful time. Everyday happenings continue to occur all around them, while striving to successfully complete their education and ultimately obtain a degree.

I personally, have my own struggles with balancing home life and school life. My family is just as important to me as school is, therefore I have learned to prioritize; stick to a strategy that works and execute my schoolwork within an outline.2 Analysis and Development Plan Upon finishing this class my graduate-level writing skills have came a long way.

The feedback that was received in my Week One, Week Two, and Week Four individuals assignments will surely help me along the way of pursing my Masters degree. WEEK 6 COM/ Graduate-Level Writing Analysis and Development Plan. In this cumulative assignment, you will reflect on how your writing skills have improved throughout this course, as well as where you still have room for growth, and create a plan of action for the remainder of your graduate school experience.

Write a to 1,word analysis of your graduate-level writing skills. Include the following: Include the following: · A summary of the feedback that you received on your Week One, Week Two, and Week Four Individual Assignments.

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Graduate level writing must also meet higher standards for style, diction, and thoroughness of analysis and development. Perhaps the most fundamental skill students will need to develop as a graduate level writers is that of critical thinking—and writing. Graduate-Level Writing Analysis and Development Plan Review the required readings for this week, along with the feedback you received on your Week One, Week Two, and Week Four Individual Assignments.

Write a to 1,word analysis of your graduate-level writing skills. Tips for Writing Graduate-Level Student Learning Outcomes Higher levels of cognitive behavior—analysis, synthesis, and evaluation--are associated with student learning outcomes for graduate courses.

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