Flexible pavement maintenance in kenya

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Flexible pavement maintenance in kenya

Evaluation of flexible road pavements in Kenya. Abstract Experience from some of the recently completed roads shows that road pavements have at times failed prematurely thereby leading to unplanned expenditure in the exercise of rehabilitating them. This paper outlines results of studies carried out to establish long-term behaviour of road pavements under tropical climatic conditions.

The studies involved measurements of elastic deflections, pavement distortion and rutting, cracking as well as establishing traffic loading patterns for typical high standard trunk roads of varying design in Kenya.

The results of the studies show that while pavements are weakened by repeated wheel load applications pavements also tend to develop strength with age.

The results further showed that for a pavement approaching failure elastic deflections are a function of cracking and rutting; and that higher elastic deflections are obtained during the months of high rainfall and high temperatues.

Flexible pavement maintenance in kenya

The paper recommends that there is need for road authorities to regularly monitor factors that relate to road pavement performance such as traffic loading, pavement condition, etc.

Institution of Civil Engineers. Seminar on Maintenance and Drainage aspects of Road Pavements. Bangalore - India; AbstractDeterioration models allow road managers to assess current condition and to predict future conditions of their road networks.

Due to heavy vehicle axle repetitions and the effect of environmental factors, permanent deformation (rutting) develops gradually in the wheel paths and impacts on structural and surface performance of flexible pavements. Strain Tolerant Pavement Layers.

Experts agree that the biggest challenge facing hot mix asphalt (HMA) producers and paving contractors today is how to cost-effectively increase durability and reduce cracking that appears too soon after pavements are constructed.

Chapter 3 - Design for Frost Conditions. 4 Training Manuals. Chapter 5 - Procedure for Performing Economic Analysis of M&R Alternatives.


Training Manual 4 - Maintenance and Repair of Surface Areas ( Pages). | eBay! CONTRACT DETAILS Financing – Government of Kenya (Fuel Levy Fund) Engineer – Chief Engineer (Roads), MOR&PW Contractor – Intex Construction Ltd Contract sum – Kshs.

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1,,, 82 Contract Period – 18 Months Date of commencement – 9th July, Contractual Date of completion – 8th January, Period of time elapsed – 28% Amount certified to date – Kshs. ,, 94 . Types of pavements 1.

Flexible pavement 2. Rigid pavement The pavements can be classified based on the structural performance into two, flexible pavements and rigid pavements. In flexible pavements, wheel loads are transferred by grain-to-grain contact of the aggregate through the granular structure.

Key words: Transportation, Flexible Pavement, Distresses, Rutting Cite this Article Waweru S.G, Onchiri R.O and Masibayi E.N., Factors Causing Structural Failure of The Flexible Pavement Along Timboroa To Malaba Road In Kenya.

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