Cimb background

This brings us to the third most important brokerage selection factor:

Cimb background

Cimb background

Bursa Malaysia does not verify or endorse the contents of announcements made by Public Listed Companies. Please read our Disclaimer pertaining to Company Announcements for further information.

The Listing Information Network LINK is the network connecting public listed companies PLCsmerchant banks and external company secretaries to Bursa Malaysia for the purpose of corporate disclosure and information exchange. The information available on Bursa LINK comprises all types of corporate information meant for public disclosure.

Amongst others, these include: The first aspect involves the submission, verification and dissemination of announcements.

This involves the interaction between Bursa Malaysia and PLCs, merchant banks and external company secretaries. This involves the general public.

Following are some notable features of LINK: All announcements are submitted electronically Announcements to be disclosed are pre-formatted, thus making disclosure more consistent All announcements are readily and freely available at the Bursa Malaysia Website.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Broker

The announcements made available are timely The search and retrieval capability available on the Bursa Malaysia Website will facilitate research and analysis How does Bursa LINK function? Submission of Announcements Typically the process begins with the preparation of an announcement.

This will be done by the issuers of the announcements, either a PLC, merchant bank or an external company secretary. Once the announcement has been prepared, the issuer will need to establish a connection to LINK by linking to the Internet.

Once connection is established, with a click of a button, the announcement will immediately be submitted to Bursa Malaysia. Verification and Dissemination of Announcements Upon receipt of the announcement, the Exchange will verify it prior to dissemination to the public.

Company News

The announcement will then be subsequently released for public access. How can the public access the announcements?Get the in-class experience - Attend Live Classroom sessions, Raise Queries, Clarify doubts immediately, Discuss topics with faculty & other students, Practice over + questions and attempt Mock Exams in actual live environment.

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