Calamansi plantation business plan

As a specialist, We will help you to develop an irresistible palm oil processing business plan or if you are a startup with small capital, we can also help you to write in your own capacity. Dura, Pisifera, and Tenera. The Tenera palm produces the highest oil content of the three, but is actually a hybrid between the Dura and Pisifera.

Calamansi plantation business plan

Batwan fruit is somewhat round in shape, around 4 cm in diameter, greenish in color which turned yellowish when mature. It has a sour taste but not acidic to the stomach like vinegar and calamansi.

Batuan Fruits Batwan sometimes spelled batuan is related to mangosteen. Some would claim that they only grew in the forests of Negros but I digress.


Batwan is a staple in our kitchen in Oton, Iloilo where I grew up. Batwan is often brought to our markets by vendors from Guimbal and Miag-ao which led me to believe they only grow in upland areas. Having seen a real batwan tree once, I can recognize it anywhere. I saw several ancestral houses in Bacolod City and Silay City with batuan trees.

Yes, they grow in lowland areas too. Although we Ilonggos would love to claim batuan as endemic to us, it is not only abundant in Negros and Panay but in most parts of the Philippines as well.

Batuan also grows abundantly in Vietnam where it is called binucao. Batuan in my backyard which I planted in November You can use batuan for any recipe which uses a souring agent.

calamansi plantation business plan

Be wary of medicinal claims made on batuan without a research to back it up. Hopefully further research can be done on this so that batuan may one day join the list of Philippine medicinal plants approved by the Department of Health. Results revealed that the extracted acid from batuan ranges from 4.

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These studies are not yet conclusive but they show that batuan has potential use in medicine. There is also another study which determined the physicochemical properties, nutritional and sensory quality of Batuan in different stages of fruit maturity. This study by Elizabeth Quevedo of Visayas State University is important for future research for possible product development.

Batuan Puree Our office once had a visitor from Laguna whose mother hails from Capiz. She asked me where she can buy batwan since her mom asked for it. Candelaria, San Enrique so she can buy some batuan puree.

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It must be her lucky day! We saw two plastic crates of just-harvested batuan outside the pasalubong shop so we asked the saleslady if we can buy 2 kilograms of batwan fruits. She was hesitant at first since they are not selling fresh batuan and the batuan fruits we saw were meant to be processed into puree.

Pangbulong sa hidlaw Cure for longingI told the saleslady. She must have understood how it is to be away from home so she sold us the batuan at only P10 per kilo.

Batuan puree of ECJ Farms. Ilonggos continually long for batuan wherever they are in the world. Their store is located in front of Talisay City gymnasium. You might want to try this and please tell us how it tastes. They also process batuan into puree which make it easier to transport for all those Ilonggos living somewhere else and craving for batuan for their authentic Ilonggo dishes.

Florido and Fe F. Enclose the area covered by the crown of the mother tree and apply compost in it. Allow the ripe fruits to fall. In two years, the seeds of fallen will germinate.

Apparently, it is being propagated in their municipality. If you want to impress plant-loving friends, try to give them batuan seedlings. I gave the other two of my seedlings to friends who were just as happy as I was in receiving the seedlings.

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We can now sit back and wait for perhaps 5 to 7 years before we can reap the fruits from our batuan trees. Though it would also help to pray that our batwan plants are females since batuan is said to be dioecious.

Only female batuan trees bear fruits while the flower of a male batwan tree will just fall off.Mondel─ôz International Palm Oil Action Plan Contents 1. MDLZ principles and position for palm oil 2. Supplier engagement areas, High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests, or use fire in plantation operations.

[See section 6 and definitions annex] withdraw our business where necessary. The Philippines is still primarily an agricultural country despite the plan to make it an industrialized economy by Most citizens still live in rural areas and support themselves through agriculture. The Calamansi is a smooth and slightly spiny plant, growing to a height of 3 to 5 meters.

Leaflets are elliptic to oblong-elliptic of 4 to 8 inches long. Petioles are narrowly and scarcely winged, about a centimeter long. Calamansi Plantation Business Plan faster financial and technical decision making, thus, having to answer to a board of incorporators or partners will be counter-productive to a farm that is just starting out.

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Calamansi is a rich source of vitamin C. its juice is used as a flavoring ingredient or as an additive in various food preparations. The pulp can be utilized in beverages, syrups, concentrates, and purees; whereas, the peel can be .

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