Business plan assignment sample

Instructor Access Assignment 4: Market Analysis, and updated for Assignment 3: Assignment Steps Your Sales Forecast assignment should include the following:

Business plan assignment sample

There has been an increase of approx South African in UK as compared to census data of From the above population, one third resides in London; a figure of approx residents there. Considering the ethnic food market in UK, there is a strong demand as 6 persons in every 10 enjoys eating foreign food.

The reasons for such interest is growth of multicultural England, increase in international travel, serving and visibility of new cuisine types in restaurants, media and increase in choice at stores.

There has been an increase of 6. Thus considering interest of UK population in international ethnic food and increasing number of Africans in UK, it serves a good opportunity to open a grocery store and a mini restaurant that sells and serves African food; focusing mainly on Nigerian ingredients and food.

The store is an upscale store selling African grocery and delicacies having a distinct menu that includes South African recipes; especially hard to find African ingredients and dishes related to native African tribes. The store will be an African speciality store selling ingredients imported from Nigeria.

For this, a business plan is made for considering the financial viability of opening a speciality South African business plan assignment sample grocery and gourmet store in business plan assignment sample London. On basis of aim, objectives identified are as below: Arrange and obtain funding required for store.

Achieve break even by end of first year. Besides aim and objectives, there are certain key factors identified for business success: For this business, since it is a different product word of mouth will be an effective marketing tool.

South African food products of high quality will be sold at fair price in a neat clean and authentic environment. This will reduce their effort in spending time searching stores online and offline for speciality products.

Also grocery items will be imported from Nigeria and same will be highlighted in recipes served at mini restaurant. Business will focus on attracting besides African people, other Londoner to African food delicacy.

It is the sentence which tells about the company in the way they going to function and also describing competitive advantage. For a company or an organisation a mission statement is the reason for them to survive in the market and for their existing reason.

With the help of mission statement a company can compete with their competitors and try to gain good position in the market. Organisations action should be guided in the mission statement.

It also help in the decision making and provide a path to the organisation. Something should be accomplished is called mission. The mission statement depends in the three main factors which are 1 Which type of consumer you going to attract? To provide best quality foodis the mission of Deptford afro-food market.

Also to provide upscale grocery store and to provide the necessary items to the consumers that are required in their day to day life is our mission.

TheDeptford afro-food market will serve the various foods such as sandwiches,salads,lunch for picnics, etc. The motto of the company is to serve the best food and once a consumer comes once than he should be attracted by the foods and come again and again.

The main concentration is on the freshness of the food. Due to this the sales will be increases and will also get good feedback from the consumers.

A vision statement can be one liner or maybe sometimes a paragraph but every vision statement states the target the company like to achieve in the short term or in the near future.

The daily operations of the business are provided in a good vision statement. Vision statement is like companies key objectives are outlining which inspire the workers to achieve the goals by day to day working by establishing various strategies of business.

If the vision statement is of the single unifying than the employees are more productive because if the vision statement is simple than the employees can concentrate on a particular motto of the vision statement Hom, With the help of vision statement the company can decide where they want to be in the near future with their products.

Vision statement has the two characteristics A good vision statement should state in the near future where the company wants to be. A vision statement should also have to motivation and level of excitement. Motivational vision statement helps the company to grow faster as it motivate each and every worker of the company and also give the desired output.

The main motto is to make each and every consumer happy by giving best quality food and the best service and to make the place where people like to visit again.


They want to target every level customer with their food and they want to impress also with the cleanliness so that costumers come again and eat the fresh food always.SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis.

The word SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. By this information, it is clear that SWOT analysis is a technique which is utilized to understand the strengths and weaknesses and for identifying the available opportunities and the possible threats.

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business plan assignment sample

Networked Rhetoric: Winter ! 3" o Monday,"March"FinalRevisionofWrittenResearchArgumentdue " Inaddition,setupcertainmilestones(bydayorbyweek. This assignment consists of two (2) sections: your final business plan and your business plan financials. Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.

You have completed all of the necessary sections of your business plan and will now create a final draft. The guidelines within this sample business plan will provide you with a good overview of starting an engineering consulting business.

This sample business plan will make sure that you have the right information when wanting to start a bed and breakfast inn. In order to start up your furniture. All assignments should be completed using LivePlan, and then printed to file.

Must Have: Your business plan must include as a minimum the following components, identified here as either text topic or .

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