Afghanistan refugees

Karim Sadiq of the Afghanistan national cricket team lived in Pakistan. Hasti Gulanother member of the Afghanistan national cricket team, lived in Peshawar. Smaller communities exist in KarachiRawalpindiIslamabad and Lahore.

Afghanistan refugees

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Violence has been the major factor in involuntary population movements among Afghans. Iranian officials, for example, deport thousands of undocumented Afghans without allowing them the opportunity to demonstrate a legal right to remain in Iran, or to lodge an asylum application. When Afghan refugees do repatriate, they return to a country that remains plagued by war, poverty, and lawlessness.

According to a report by the Feinstein International Center, one in three Afghan children are malnourished, with rates far higher in conflict-affected regions. Access to health care remains very limited, with 15 percent of the population without access to even basic healthcare services.

In areas where fighting continues, militants lack respect for the neutrality of health care facilities, making visiting these facilities dangerous.

Key Findings A quarter of refugees worldwide are Afghan, and the vast majority live in Pakistan or Iran, where they face an uncertain political status.

Afghan IDPs and repatriated refugees unable to return to their original places of origin often live in informal settlements, where many people have died due to environmental conditions and illness. Key public health indicators in Afghanistan are poor, with access to basic health care very low and rates of child malnourishment high.

Page updated as of December Related Papers.Afghan Refugees At the end of , the UNHCR estimated there are approximately million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan.

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Violence has been the major factor in involuntary population movements among Afghans. Pakistan has given millions of Afghan refugees in the country until the end of this month to return to their homeland. But refugees say the short deadline and no prospects for the future make.

Afghanistan — million refugees About million people from Afghanistan are living as refugees, representing the second-largest refugee population in the world.

Afghanistan refugees

Pakistan hosts nearly million, including some second- or third-generation Afghan refugees who have never lived in their home country.

5 days ago · IT is a protracted refugee crisis and all facets of the challenge surrounding the Afghan refugees in Pakistan deserve greater attention, internationally and inside this country too.

UN High. There are almost million registered refugees from Afghanistan.

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They comprise the largest protracted refugee population in Asia, and the second largest refugee population in the world. 9 hours ago · The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) says the living conditions of Afghan refugees have been improved in Iran and Pakistan.

"Afghan refugees join school in Iran without having any documents and it can help Afghan families to have impunity too," Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, the Minister of Refugees said.

Afghanistan refugees
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